Simin Hashemizadeh Net Worth

Simin Hashemizadeh Net Worth – $In Review

Simin Hashemizadeh Net Worth

Simin Hashemizadeh Net Worth, Career & Facts:

She is originally belonging to Iran but has been living in the United States of America for several years. She is multi-billionairere and is the head of two surgical centres. Simin is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and the founder of the Simin Hope Foundation. The Simin Hope Foundation is an organisation helping the homeless, teenagers, animal adoption and rescue and promotes medical cures.

Simin has followed the footsteps of her father. Her father owned 300 medical centres in Iran. Simin owns two surgical centres. One is located in the posh locality of Beverly Hills. All throughout California we can see her various medical clinics that provide different types of health services. Her good deeds have been recognised and she has been praised for it. Simin is the recipient of the Community Service Award from the LA Police League. She also got a Distinguished Contribution Award from the American Red Cross. Other than that she has also received Touching Lives Award from the International Association for Children with Cancer. Simin organised various dinners occasionally for fund raising purposes.

Moreover, her philanthropic work is highly inspiring for everyone. Simin has also launched a sophisticated Forbelle Luxury Caviar beauty and skin care product line. These products have been used to treat celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards and Oscar Gifting Suites. Simin is having very generous nature. For instance she made a heartfelt contribution to Red Cross of Santa Monica at the red tie gala. This also included a $25000 life-sized portrait of Jada Pinkett Smith.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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